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Our mission is to be transformed by the power of the cross. 


Our vision is to keep Christ at the center through prayer, worship, and teaching, presenting Jesus as a Savior of boundless compassion, infinite patience and unbearable forgiveness.


"The battle for souls is won by prayer and intercession. Prayer is the warfare. Evangelism is not the attempt to win the battle - it is the mopping up operation. The physical possessions of the church, the buildings, organization and programs are the trucks we drive onto the field of battle to load up the spoils of the victory won by intercession." -Ronald Dunn


Wellspring Worship Center welcomed Pastor Skip Alexander in August of 2015. Born in Ohio into a military family, Skip and his four siblings moved often to places such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Germany and Alabama.

After experiencing the drug culture of the early seventies as a "hippie," Skip was radically converted during a Sunday morning service at Westside Assembly of God in Montgomery, Alabama. While at a church youth camp, Skip felt a call to pursue ministry as a life vocation. He began Biblical studies at Southeastern Bible School in Lakeland, Florida. Skip also has a B.S. in Secondary Education from the University of North Alabama.

Pastor Skip married Janet Harris in 1976 and began their ministry. He was ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1986. He has since pastored churches all over Alabama and Mississippi, including Grace Christian Church in Hamilton, AL from 1996-2013. It was there that a spirit of revival broke out among the youth, directed by his sister-in-law, Karen Wheaton. This awakening resulted in the birth of "The Ramp", which today is an international ministry.


Skip and Janet have 3 daughters, Janelle, Charity and Angel.

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